Getting Ready to Write-Organizing you, your research, and your ancestors. 

In Getting Ready to Write, author and genealogy professional Lynn Palermo tackles the biggest obstacles family historians face when attempting to write their ancestor’s stories. In this hands-on style book, Lynn lays out the options for readers and then offers them the worksheets to help them define their goals.

Authentic Ancestors- Bringing your ancestors to life.

In Workbook No. 2 of her series, Write Your Family History, author, and genealogy professional Lynn Palermo offers 100 pages of tips, tools and worksheets to help turn your ancestors into compelling characters. Authentic Ancestors digs deep to help you learn about your ancestors on a more intimate level.

With Workbook No. 3 in hand, there is no guessing when it comes to writing your stories. You’ll have a clear story plan to sit down and write with every day. In this workbook, You’ll find story ideas in your research You’ll identify the important elements of a story and find them in your ancestor’s story.


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Finding the Story- Write your Family History.